sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

Summary:  Creating an audio book with an illustrated booklet 

Hans-Carossa Gymnasium, Landshut, DeutschlandLiceo Statale Giacomo Zanella, Schio, ItalienIES Batalla de Clavijo, Logroño, SpanienGimnaszium nr.28 Marszalka Józefa Pilsudskiego, Krakau, PolenAhmet Altikulaç Anadolu Lisesi, Tokat, Türkei.

The main focus of our project – apart from the personal and intercultural exchange between the five participating countries – is placed on creating an awareness of the different lifestyles, habits, and attitudes of teenagers, on discovering similarities and differences and accepting these. Based on this, the participating students are expected to develop a regional, national and most of all European identity. 

The aim is to reduce prejudices and reservations through communication and cooperation in projects. What is different and new should no longer be seen as alien but as a valuable enrichment of one’s own values and cultural horizon.We hope to achieve all of this exclusively through different forms of art, reaching from the theatre, music and visual arts to literature and film. 

The connecting objective of all partners in this project is to create a common artistic product, an audio book with an illustrated booklet. It is also our aim to start durable partnerships between the participating countries, schools, students and teachers

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